Hour of Code

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This year we have two options for the students.

Option 1: Lightbot

Light Box Code Hour Video Thumbnail

You get the certificate only by passing Basics (8 levels), Procedures (6 levels) and Loops (6 levels)!

Option 2: Minecraft: Hero's Journey

Minecraft: Hero's Journey. Minecraft is back for the hour of code with a brand new activity. Journey through Minecraft with code.

You get the certificate only by finishing the journey!

Please choose your grade level and click on your teacher's name.

Kinder Mrs. Cass Mrs. Townsend Ms. Spreen Mrs. Ramirez Mrs. Waters

1st Grade Mrs. Nevin Mrs. Alcala Mrs. Yancey Mrs. Berg Mrs. Peña

2nd Grade Mrs. Gnerre Mrs. Gutierrez Mr. Hunt Mrs. Victor Mrs. De La O

3rd Grade Mrs. Bouskill Mrs. DeSouza Mrs. Martin Mr. Wasif Mrs. Williams

4th Grade Mrs. Eddy Mrs. Patti Mr. Valdez

5th Grade Mrs. Osuna Mrs. Griffin Mrs. Prasad

6th Grade Mrs. Inman Mr. O’Reilly Mrs. Redona

GATE 4th/5th/6th Mr. Ortega Mrs. Sayre