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Kindergarten Readiness


What’s the best way to prepare your child for school?

Here is some advice as well as a wealth of links to help:

1. Read daily to your child.
This develops language skills, increases vocabulary, teaches children to sit and listen for an extended period of time, stimulates creativity, and gives them a good feeling about reading.

2. Provide constructive play opportunities.
Children need to interact with real materials. They need opportunities to socialize with other children and adults. They need to be creative in their play. Constructive play means children are allowed unstructured playtime with real materials to encourage building, problem solving, and learning through doing.

3. Limit visual stimulation.
Too much television viewing, video game playing, and computer use may cause obesity, lack of effort in schoolwork, and poor social skills.

4. Teach basic manners.
Children should know how to respect adults and other children, take turns, share, and follow simple directions.

5. Provide opportunities for active play outside.
Encourage movement activities such as running, jumping, skipping, swinging, climbing, twirling, sliding, and hanging. Hike, bike, swim, ski-whatever! What better way to learn about our environment?

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